The vice president of civil society in North Kivu, Omar Kavota, denounced Tuesday, May 21, the presence of Rwandan soldiers alongside rebels in clashes M23 which oppose the Congolese army since Monday. He said that the resumption of the fighting was “predictable”, explaining that the rebels had “planned everything.” FARDC and M23 were more faced since the withdrawal of the rebellion of the city of Goma in December 2012. Continue reading


This is from the morning of Thursday, March 7 that women Kalehe and goings of various organizations fighting for the rights of women in their dealings with the authorities. On the sidelines of the day March 08, AFEM SK chose to join with these women and know the local problems of these women. Continue reading

Renowned for its support to many women raped in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the doctor had escaped an assassination attempt on Oct. 25 at his home in Bukavu, capital of the province of South Kivu.
After a few days of exile in Sweden, the doctor went to Belgium, where he currently resides.
“The return to Bukavu Dr. Denis Mukwege and his family is planned for this Monday, January 14,” said a statement from the Panzi Hospital, founded by Dr. Mukwege.
“This is the doctor who made ​​the decision to learn that he received more messages: there are many requests for sick women who demand his return,” said the Communication Officer Panzi Hospital.
Each year, the program against sexual violence, the largest hospital receives 3,000 women. Continue reading

46 cases of rape of women are reported  to Minova and are attributed to the FARDC soldiers known as “commandos”. These rapes were perpetrated in 9 villages and streets of this city. These include Minova Centre Avenue Bondeko, sous marin, Maendeleo Rutchunda, Muganga, Mubimbi, but also in the villages of Kinshinji, and Bwisha Kalungu. Continue reading

Women victims of sexual violence of different territories in South Kivu that have been treated by Dr. Mukwege disclaimers come to collect their products fields to contribute symbolically ticket for the return of their doctor in Bukavu.

Among these women, there are those who come from Kavumu and Katana north of Bukavu, and otherfrom Idjwi,  Bunyakiri in Kalehe territory west of Bukavu.
Their products are mainly made of pineapple, cabbage, beans and braised.
They will be sold and the money will help the ticket for the Doctor Denis Mukwege returned to Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Executive Secretary of the Panzi Foundation has received the food, Therese KULUNGU said that this act is a strong signal that shows the love and affection that women victims of sexual violence to their doctor.

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