46 cases of rape of women are reported  to Minova and are attributed to the FARDC soldiers known as “commandos”. These rapes were perpetrated in 9 villages and streets of this city. These include Minova Centre Avenue Bondeko, sous marin, Maendeleo Rutchunda, Muganga, Mubimbi, but also in the villages of Kinshinji, and Bwisha Kalungu. Continue reading

Rural women members of listening core clubs of AFEM SK will carry out their activities without much difficulty. 

This is the essentially of the message they sent to the leadership of the Association of Media Women in South Kivu. AFEM SK in partnership with DIAKONIA gave 3 offices to provide Listening Core Club in BARAKA / FIZI, Kamituga / Mwenga and Kalehe. These offices will enable NCE ensure their awareness, advocacy and recording broadcasts. According to the Coordination of AFEM SK, these offices are given in their project accompanying Listening Core club to the Women’s Media Association of South Kivu.

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