Women victims of sexual violence of different territories in South Kivu that have been treated by Dr. Mukwege disclaimers come to collect their products fields to contribute symbolically ticket for the return of their doctor in Bukavu.

Among these women, there are those who come from Kavumu and Katana north of Bukavu, and otherfrom Idjwi,  Bunyakiri in Kalehe territory west of Bukavu.
Their products are mainly made of pineapple, cabbage, beans and braised.
They will be sold and the money will help the ticket for the Doctor Denis Mukwege returned to Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Executive Secretary of the Panzi Foundation has received the food, Therese KULUNGU said that this act is a strong signal that shows the love and affection that women victims of sexual violence to their doctor.

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