brigade d'intervention

“Nearly half the workforce to enter into the composition of [the intervention brigade] are already deployed in Goma with the means thereto,” said military spokesman MONUSCO, Lieutenant Colonel Felix Basse, this Wednesday, June 12 in Kinshasa. He said the peacekeepers regularly patrol day and night especially in the town of Sake and the axis leading to Goma, capital of North Kivu.At the weekly meeting of the United Nations, Lieutenant Colonel Felix Basse has been specified that the drones of the brigade were not yet operational:

“UAVs will be deployed soon to complete the work that the troops will be on the ground. These are the additional resources made available to the force to give more flexibility to the commander of the force, which will, once this information are received, make strategic and tactical decisions that are needed. ”
Such decisions, according to Lieutenant Colonel Felix Basse, will go in the direction of preventing movement of troops, equipment, or even the flow of weapons along the border between the DRC and Rwanda, but also between DRC and Uganda.

For now, he said, patrols continue to allow peacekeepers to become familiar with the terrain, and ban all armed groups in the area.

All troops mobilized MONUSCO

For its part, the new commander of MONUSCO peacekeepers, General Alberto Dos Santos Cruz said, that same Wednesday in Goma that all MONUSCO troops take part in the hunt against armed groups, if necessary:

“We will use all available means: not only the intervention force, but all available means to go to the prosecution of those who commit crimes against civilians. It is unacceptable to tolerate crimes, rape and forced recruitment. ”

The UN mission will coordinate this with the political authorities and the armed forces of the DRC to put an end to all the violence against civilians, said the General Santos Cruz during a press briefing jointly conducted with the Special Representative Secretary General of the UN in the DRC, Roger Meece.

The spokesman of the UN, Martin Nesirky, announced Monday, June 3 that the intervention MONUSCO brigade began patrolling with reduced staff in Goma.

The deployment of the intervention brigade MONUSCO was decided on March 28 denier in New York, by the Security Council of the UN. It should consist of 3069 men provided by Tanzania, South Africa and Malawi.

With an offensive term, this force is to combat the many armed groups in eastern DRC, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and the March 23 Movement (M23). According to the head of Peacekeeping Operations of the UN peace, Herve Ladsous, the brigade should be operational by mid-July. source (R. Okapi)

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