For more than two weeks, several people are routinely arrested in Goma (North Kivu) and sent to Kinshasa. They are accused by the security services to work with the rebellion of the M23, said on Wednesday, 12 June, local sources. But for the families of victims, it is simply arbitrary arrests.At least ten suspects, including a Lebanese national, were arrested last week in Goma by the security services. These people were first brought to the dungeon of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR), before being transferred to Kinshasa Sunday.

The case of these people “key to national security,” said some officials of security services in Goma, stating that there is “overwhelming evidence” of cooperation between them and the rebellion of M23.

But the families of these people denounced “arbitrary arrests”. They demanded, for this purpose, their unconditional release.

To date, twenty people, Congolese but Rwandans were arrested and transferred to Goma to Kinshasa. According to local sources, the systematic arrests taking place since the clashes last May between the FARDC and the M23 area Mutaho in the territory of Nyiragongo. source (R. Okapi)

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