The entry of these products within the scope of an operation launched since yesterday against “pharmaceutical crime”. Initiated by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the operation takes place simultaneously in several other Central African countries.
“We have a number of products that we have entered. We currently estimate that about 30 tonnes of these products which are unfit for human consumption. We are changing [with stalking], “said the director of the Office of the Commissioner General of the PNC, the Senior Deputy Commissioner main Ekuka Remy.

At the national level, according to him, the operation involves several government departments, including the Office of the Attorney General, the General Directorate of Migration (DGM), the Congolese Control Office (OCC) and the College of Pharmacists.

“The Congolese national police and other services, we’ve put together these databases and we formed the basis of data from the commission, which had to deal with the Mpili operation. And it is based on those data we are working, “he said.

The upper main Ekuka Remy Commissioner acknowledged that it is difficult to investigate the traffic spoiled drugs, for example, in the capital of the DRC:

“The city of Kinshasa has about 10 million inhabitants. So in a city like this where there are about two thousand and five thousand pharmacies pharmacists who are not listed on the Order of Pharmacists, you see that it really is a huge problem. But we did not discouraged. Our services have worked hard. ”

Initiated by Interpol, the operation takes place simultaneously in several other Central African countries to eliminate cross-border crime.

“We decided to track down these criminals to mount these operations in each country [the sub-region] simultaneously. So as long as long as the criminals leave and go to the DRC Congo Brazzaville, they also stopped, “revealed the upper Commissioner main Ekuka Remy.

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