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The Congolese government launched Wednesday, June 12, an educational project for 137,360 girls Bandundu, Ecuador, Katanga, Kasai Oriental and Eastern Province. Called Go Girl “, this three-year program aims to” break down barriers “that prevent girls succeed in school and complete their primary education. This project is funded by the British government to the tune of 34 million U.S. dollars. It will be run by Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, with the support of TMB Bank and telecommunications company Airtel.

Ambassador of Great Britain in the DRC, Diane Corner, who attended the launching ceremony of the program, said his government attaches great importance to the education of the Congolese girl.

“Educating girls is a priority for developing countries. It is also the future of their families and children. Educating girls also facilitates the development of the entire community. If we continue to work together with the government (note: DRC), we can advance the development of society and reduce the cycle of poverty, “said the British diplomat.

Diane Corner has also expressed the willingness of his government to support the Congolese police and justice in the fight against rape and violence against girls. Source (R. Okapi)

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