Seventeen of the twenty-one Congolese students arrested in India were released in the evening of Wednesday, June 19, said the same day the Ambassador of India to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ram Manohar. Shortly before the announcement, his DRC counterpart announced that they “will be released on bail tomorrow [Thursday], pending legal proceedings to classify this case.”
Ram Manohar added that the other four will be “shortly.” It also calls on the population of Kinshasa for calm and respect for others, and asks the Indian community to be vigilant and to have confidence in local authorities.

The sister of one of the students said that they had arrested Congolese accused of violating Indian and desecrated Indian gods.

“Following the special efforts of the Ministry of External Affairs of India, seventeen students were released, four will soon release this some bitter litigation,” said Ram Manohar.

The Indian diplomat said still have regretted the incidents that took place in the morning in Kinshasa and the Congolese request to preserve the peace, tranquility and respect for each other.

“Violence and disorder do not benefit anyone. Ambassador of the DRC in New Delhi was allowed exchanged with all students. Meetings with the police authorities and the academic authorities were facilitated and the Government of India has already given instructions that concrete steps are taken, “said Ram Manohar.

Angry youths stormed the avenue du commerce and business streets of the business district of Kinshasa to express their dissatisfaction with the treatment of Congolese students in India. They had shown no violence Wednesday morning before the shops closed Indians and Pakistanis.

Ram Manohar said that India hosts a large number of foreign students, including those from African countries.

“We treat them well, we always take into account their well-being, once again, this event should not be taken as anything other than an isolated incident that we regret,” he adds, before indicating that Indians working in DRC with Congolese for several years.

“They treat all Congolese as their brothers, they contribute to the economy. In the Indian community, I ask them to be careful to take care of themselves. We appreciate the fact that [the Congolese government] has taken appropriate security measures. The situation is under control – with the release of Congolese students, everything should be back to normal, “adds Ram Manohar. Source (R. Okapi)

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